We Can be Deliberate to Achieve More

Being deliberate and intentional is an act that has bedeviled black communities for centuries. We had no means to figure out how the Europeans, Americans, or even Asians have used this simple template of the communal bond to journey together, creating economic success and with a lively society, everyone wants to be part of.

There was information asymmetry but today we have access just as they have to study the template used by the Jewish or the Americans wealth creation agenda or the Asians especially the Chinese via the Internet not copying everything as we have a different architecture of a heterogeneous continent, unlike a homogeneous China.

So we don’t actually have any excuse not to be deliberate and reduce the survival instincts of letting me make it now and forget them mentality.

Wealth is a communal agenda, call it a cult or whatever, it has some coded principles or strict discipline around it.

I believe, if our greater intentions for starting a journey are precipitated on impact rather than just to make quick money, we will be more deliberate and intentional.

We don’t need to become super affluent to start to help others, helping others by denying yourself is the biggest sacrifice people from the West do to themselves but hidden from blacks for centuries.

People of black have great history from civilization, inventions, creativity, and so forth and so on, but the question is how did it impact our society? Today we can simply mention “Man Know Thy” as a key foundation of the Knight Templars, Carnegie Institutes where people learn how his processes and how he achieved success several years of his death.

These were not achieved by been wishy-washy or surface-minded in building things, it can be a book, a business, public services, etc. The point is, our inspiration has to be based on how will I be remembered after my death, actions need to be catapulted on “how can this benefit our society” in policy formulation, infrastructure development, business development, entertainment, laws, etc.

Until blacks come close to this reality, we will keep working for the economic interests of the West and only eat just the cramps on the table.

Look at how founders of Silicon Valley used that to build the most powerful wealth creation machine ever in human history (Leland Stanford, Fred Terman, William Shockley, and DAPRA).

The same applies to the Jewish, in Africa we used to have a powerful tool called Ubuntu, but it has been washed away by constant reorientation of the mind in Africa by a system that benefits others which continued to keep black in perpetual poverty.

To undo this, each one of us not by word but through constant action internalized and consciously decides to be different not for ourself’s but for the greater good of all.

Diversity and Inclusion are not the same! Diversity is bringing different perspectives together on the table; Inclusion is given the different perspectives a voice without fear of judgment to speak.

We are in to spark and challenge the status quo in our continent with the understanding of our strength in the uniqueness of the multiple diversity we have in Africa.

Watch the space, Africa can’t just be consumers of tech from other places…we got to have our own infrastructure that has one motivation, to empower, build and lift others into economic liberation.

Remember #ThisTimeisAfrica.


A Techpreneur on a mission for Economic Liberation|Collaboration key business philosophy|Gratitude|Empathy|Compassion|Kindness|Selfless Team Builder|Talent Hunt

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Eric Annan

A Techpreneur on a mission for Economic Liberation|Collaboration key business philosophy|Gratitude|Empathy|Compassion|Kindness|Selfless Team Builder|Talent Hunt