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Why The Akufo Addo Administration Needs A Second Term.

On Monday 7.12.2020, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect their Parliamentarians & President.

Well, I’m not NEUTRAL, and neither am I just a zombies follower in my political convictions.

My assessment and my reason why The Akufo Addo led NPP government need a second term are articulated below:

In the last 4 years of the Nana Akufo Addo, NPP led administration, I’ve remained a key observant as I refocused my life into building a private business with my partners across Africa, and never made any public comment on the party, I believe and share its philosophy and audacious policies of ground-up transformation agenda.

On Monday 7th December, mark the day the Ghanaian people will go to the polls to cast their ballot to reaffirm or reject the government’s 4 years in office policies; in areas of Economy, Education, Health, Agriculture, Technology, Environment, Culture, Foreign Policies, Empowerment, etc.

I’m not saying there aren’t some errors committed in the last four years, saying the government was perfect will be the biggest double standards of my personal convictions as a Dankwa Busia-Dombo Center Right Tradition of free enterprise and property-owning for all citizens but, the bigger picture makes it the best option for the burgeoning West African nation.

  1. The Free Senior High School- is the biggest and boldest policy ever implemented by any government in recent times beyond Africa. If it’s sustained, in the next 2 decades, we will have a strong knowledge economy and that will affect everything including how we vote for our public officers.

Our biggest challenge is illiteracy and most African governments exploit that gap for their own benefit. But for a government to say, we need to fix it and give everyone a kind of education is key and genuine effort to weed out that monster of illiteracy in our society to stand shoulders with the likes of Indonesia, India, Morocco, Rwanda, etc.

2. Health- Nurses, Doctors, and other paramedics have been well remunerated to stay energized to give our people good health care, the ambulance services are well equipped with offices across the nation.

On the Covid19 pandemic, 50% salary was added. and waiver of Income Tax to front-line fighters of this devastating pandemic is one practical and human face to the plight of those who took the risk to save lives. The government has shown extreme leadership in curbing the pandemic in all areas. Electricity, Water, and many direct utility bills absorbed by the government for every citizen for the entire period are worth noticing.

3. Last point, on Food security. There hasn’t been enough effort put in by any government in the last 20 years to ensure we don’t only have enough to feed on but enough to even export. Not even the NDC which prides itself as Social Democrat had ever done such in there over 3 decades in government. Food is key and a National Security issue and a global weapon that makes people get out of hands. Having affordable food provides 30 million-plus a means to survive.

I can’t articulate all the other ambitious policies but one key area we can’t ignore, aside from the social impact ones, is the Digitalization of the entire Economy.

We’re in a very interesting time and Ghana can’t live on her own without tapping into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the GIG world where borders are irrelevant.

The digital economy is not one of the rhetorics politicians churn out for votes. It is something we must see done, and I can confidently say, Ghana has done extremely well compared to other nations in Africa. Mobile money, making everyone own financial history is key.

National Identification Project, Digital Addressing System, consolidation of all data into one single data point is not a mean achievement.

Some of us who have dramatically shifted into the technology world understand how Ghana is well-positioned to leverage on the borderless world we’ve today with Big Data, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc.

All these are key and given the government, another term is a clear indication that Ghana is not playing with the health of everything in the country and we mean business.

Our little joggling around the continent and in part of South East Asia shows that policies build nations, not mere communication experts who know how to sway the sentiments of the people.

In 2008, Ghanaians made similar grave errors by truncating the progress made by the John Agyekum Kuffour led administration, after 8 years of deep thinking policies to springboard Ghana into a modern high yielding economic enclave to another 8 years of populist driven policies by the NDC.

We must let history be our biggest guide in this election.

Questions such as;

  1. How do we sustain the economy and build a knowledge-based society?

2. How do we drive the young smart minds to think of innovation through the technology infrastructure provided?

3. How can we harness the AfCFTA hosted by Ghana for our teaming youth to think of startups that drive innovation ( Fintech, AgricTech, HealthTech, EduTech ) given the nature of global economy restart.

The truth of the matter is, the economic construct of the world has changed and reset to a new phase, needing more deep thinking to get out of it. Competence shouldn’t be sacrificed for anything.

Do you really think the NDC has the right tooling in terms of manpower to execute the highly sophisticated world we’ve gone into 2021 and beyond?

Yes, the NPP has some challenges and is not beyond reproach, but in the game of quality not just quantitative, they’ve proven to have the executing prowess which is the key KPI you use to hire anyone for your firm.

4more4Nana and the NPP is a noble call and the most vulnerable thing to do for our nation. It takes courage to be vulnerable and that act has made nations such as Singapore, China, UAE, Rwanda, India move their nations out of the woes.

Come December 7.2020, let history be at the side of the bigger playbook not just to say, I need another 4 years to correct my errors.

Governance is a serious business and it affects everyone in the course of 4 years.

I am for peace and progress for our children and countrymen and women.

Written by Eric Ohene Agyekum.







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