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“Losing someone we love is painful; agonizing even unto death. The Japanese call it ‘takotsubo’: a grieving surge of abnormal electrical waves that cause the heart to deflate and contort until it resembles a fishing pot… hollow and cold; an empty vessel at the bottom of a fathomless sea.” James Spader, (Blacklist TV Series).

George Floyd’s and many deaths of blacks around the world are fruits of a century-old root we allowed to get deeper in our minds. Yes, it is an accepted fact that the black race was deceived by the unrepentant white race, just as Eve according to the scriptures was deceived by the serpent to eat fruit from the forbidden tree.

Blacks were made to believe the white race was God on earth and they smartly took our original identity from us, replacing it with a deceitful culture of poverty, self-doubt, hatred, deepened the tribal and ethnic tone, sowed the seed of non-patriotism, laziness, and made to believe that everything is by chance or through prayers and miracles by introducing a foreign type of religious ideology and painted the black man’s way of worship as voodoo and idolatry.

They sold the story of poverty here on earth and wealth after death and the black man accepted it wholly and sacrificed the quest to create economic power to the white man to steal from us, and dominate us from all value chains on earth. They built their heavens on earth right before our eyes, while the blacks kept waiting for a better life in heaven after death.

Where is the black man who was so hardworking, a provider, family unifier; morally, spiritually and ideologically outstanding who read the stars and understood the language of the universe through which he founded the Ubuntu philosophy and built great empires like the Kush, Mali, Benin,Asante,Bornu etc where our pace of development and human civilization was unparalleled? “You cannot enslave a mind that knows itself, that values itself, that understands itself.” — Wangari Maathai-Nobel Peace Prize winner 2004

Chinua Achebe said, “There is that great proverb — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” There are facts we can’t erase from the history of the black race, but we can dramatically change the narrative by being deliberate about the way we raise the new generation, their names, the images they watch from infancy, books and stories they read, the kind of God-image we paint to them, the food, dress and conversation we have with them.

We must accept that we are angry, undoubtedly so, but we must also understand that using anger to solve a problem can only aggravate it and will solve nothing except to label blacks as a violent race and an economic liability.

We need to understand the basic language of the universe that to generate new forms of influence, one needs to become vulnerable and be willing to die in order to stay alive.

We must affirm our children in their will power, self-belief, self-confidence and self-love. We can’t fight our way up with protest; neither can we create economic influence by transferring hatred to our kids through a victimised mindset while the white race keeps transferring wealth and emotional wisdom to their children. This generation will pass on and in the next 50 years, we will still have today’s children killed and rioting to vent their rage and anger.

This will perpetuate a vicious cycle. Blacks must be impatient about the poverty levels and do something about it. Blacks have succeeded in building the most successful churches and businesses across the world for years but we have failed to confront poverty by building visible economic level playing grounds for our societies in all-black communities.

The bitter truth is that poverty is removed by industrialization and economic activities, not by the religious empires we’re so eager and passionate about — it never worked! Even the Romans prioritise economic dominance above religious dominance.

I’ve seen all kinds of comments on this hatred against the black race. My take is that Africans will continue to be disrespected and abused and this noise won’t stop it. If you want respect, you gotta show it through your understanding of how the universe operates by creating and multiplying wealth.“When a Jew is told he can’t do business in the Hub of the commercial area of a city, he reports it to his Jewish Organization, a fund is created, a Holding Company formed, and they buy out the entire business block. He solves his difficulty through Unity and Thrift. A Jew does not go around asking for social equality, decrying the fact that he is not admitted to some of the exclusive clubs of this country, nor can he be President of the United States. He knows the world will knock at his doors because he is financially strong and United”-Marcus Garvey

Why won’t they kill blacks, when after several years of abuse in our own land, we still behave like we’ve no conscience and brains, we can’t develop our own continent, we just consume without a mind to produce, we hate, envy our own brothers and sisters progress, we prefer to support others against our own struggles, blacks in the USA, the majority don’t even understand their purpose on earth? Look at all other races, they support themselves!

Consider this: It takes 28 days for a dollar to go out of the Asian community; 19 days to go out of the Jewish community; 17 days for the Hispanic community, 7 days for the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) community and it takes just 6 hours for the black community.Credit Maggie Anderson TED talk

By implication, this means that in all other races, children grow to see their community fully blossom in trade, entrepreneurship, business, manufacturing, different inventions and domination of economic landscapes in all sectors whilst black children grow to see long queues in bars, entertainment spots, food joints, a fleet of luxury products yet they see no substantial line of the economic value chain. These kids grow to feel they are just consumers and have no compelling or intrusive mindset to be daring and aspiring to be giants in economic value chains.

This is not to say we don’t have blacks who have done super-powerful things in our current generation but I’m referring to the generality of things and the foundational mindset of the black race. The black mindset is that of scarcity, victim orientation, entitlement and consumer outlook. An idle hand works for the devil; the evil here is our mindset and how we have over the years lost every molecule of sense as humans and it just doesn’t add up why we behave this way.

We own no substantial economic value; blacks only control just little over 3% of the $19 trillion American economy; Asians control over 13.5%, The Jewish and white Americans controls the rest and Arabs over 7% in assets and other economic value. Yes, a few are billionaires but to what extent is this impacting the general well-being of black community aside needless opulence, extravagant and hoarding?

We’ve no generational empires, all we care is the noise of being a Christian or Muslim without conscience.

We will rather be preoccupied with the toxic noise of being Christians or Muslims without conscience and purpose. We prefer to control a few personal assets instead of influencing communal prosperity and wealth creation.

We lack self-belief having since sold our values, culture, and identity. We’ve been brainwashed to see the white man as God-so everything good is white. Why aren’t they killing other races? The simple answer is, every other race has pushed themselves up economically with major economic constituencies except the black race who still hold the ‘monkey banana’ story of good life after death.

The Chinese were looked down upon some few decades ago because of poverty; they didn’t fight anyone; instead, they came together to work a plan to build economic power.

They sent their kids to America and many developed nations to school, not on loans but from their own sweat in their small corner shops, while black Americans and those who migrated after slavery too just didn’t see value in creating something for generations but to do menial jobs and some big profile professions just to take care of their children.

The ‘rat race’ doesn’t help, either… it’s the “Go to school, to get a good grade and get a good job” mantra. Today China is at par with America and they can’t be touched. While China was constructing warehouses in the 60s, blacks all over the world were busy converting the warehouses into churches and praising God for winning lands for God’s work. We have ended up with massive unemployment and end up blaming everyone including the government; forgetting that the government is the fruit of our own plantation. As Africa and the black community globally, we must understand the power of generational thinking and systematically building hope and confidence in ourselves.

The secret of all this is ‘Economic Power’! Until black people understand that and stop pretending to be God’s chosen ones with all the noise around, our woes won’t end with George Floyd’s rather painful death and many more brutal killings of blacks.

For over six decades after independence and having the AU, we can’t even fund the African Development Bank (AfDB) and AU HQ. Basic infrastructure across all-black communities including the Caribbean is in a deplorable state.

We loot without sense or sophistication, we just hoard in the full knowledge of the same people we call racist banks and they turn it into Venture Capital for their young ambitious Entrepreneurs to build solutions and we rush like the canary birds to perch on it. With all this insight, do you expect respect and decent treatment?

I am not sure, if Africa, the 56 states decide to think like Patrice Lumbaba, Haile Selassie, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Sekou Toure, Jomo Kenyatta etc to develop the continent with one voice, just like UAE, Singapore,South Korea etc they (so-called Racist) will be able to stop it.

It’s time to pause, think deeply and begin a real progressive journey for the continent. Seek Ye Kingdom of Economic Power! We must liberate the collective mindset and change the narrative by ourselves for ourselves and for our children.



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