Connecting the Dots-The Covid-19 Pandemic

Eric Annan
10 min readApr 2, 2020

I have listened,read and done personal deep dive on different perspectives about this Covid-19 that has caused outrage, chaos, lost of lives, anxieties, total crushed of nations and unprepared lockdowns and social distance as a safe measure. There are copious documentary by those who hold the belief that this virus is self inflicted by the grand corporate and the system cover up to push 5G (60GHz) radiation into the world which is the main course of the virus.

This article seek to draw views and back it with some of the findings for the general public and anyone who care to dig deeper do so with sources provided.

We are in new world order as this has shown us that the most deadliest weapon is not Iran or North Korea biochemical weapon but a virus that comes from human own greed and ever growing need for control of big tech firms and state’s power to have access to data to control humans. If nothing at all,this virus has shown the world how vulnerable we all are together, there is no supremacy as even the best health systems in the world such as Italy has been so exposed by the pandemic.

Now to the conspiracies, according to this man David Icke in an interview- ‘The truth behind the Coronavirus Pandemic’ made some damning revelation about how the status quo conspired to use the virus to clean the mess in our financial system and also create new world order and control. Link

Another side of the conspiracy by a French news published 2017. Jim Richard/Bill Bonner tried to connect the dots of how the elites at high places uses the financial system to create such panics and disasters and turn around to proffer solutions that never solved anything. Link

Again a movie in South Korea titled ‘My Secret ,Terrius’ Season 1:Episode 10 conspicuously discusses about Coronavirus, well it might just be a coincidental however the pieces, if put together can be far fetched to just conclude the collusion of the system to once again create a new order just as it was done in 1929 and most recently 2008. This virus is another major test on how the system has used fear to induced unprecedented reaction of humanity.This is easily done by the media, control how you feel to control how you think.

In 1918 the Spanish flu infected over 500m people and killed over 100m and this in this short video Dr Thomas Cowan tried to give a clear perspective on these virus which are clearly deliberately created: watch the video for your personal judgement. Link

How do we believe what the elite class tells the vulnerable society, after the current happenings of the world. Just look at the September 11, 2001 attach in New York which gave the ruling class opportunity to enact new marshal laws of ‘Patriots Act’ to enable them do whatever dim fit for their ever craving for control.

Just look at what happened in 2008, gave the FED enough power to pump in more money and depleted people savings and purchasing power. Now look at the 2019 USA-China Trade War and finally giving birth to Covid19 again to give another opportunity to reset the ordinance of economic order. Immediately, the media is leashed to peddle fear,panic and hopelessness to the weak masses to enable them reset the world order. All the central banks especially the USA are putting up stimulus packages and printing more papers to shore up the dilapidated systems to cover up their tracks. According to Don Weiland in an article on 14 March 2020,he states “ China goes on the offensive to control global coronavirus narrative” Link

Could all these guys be wrong in their analysis and could we just accept what our governments and the media are telling the innocent citizens?

Quoting a close friend of mine: “The old system must die so the new one is reborn… every end is a new beginning…Our aging Africans leaders are now forced to stay on the continent and start to rethink.” This bring to question how we have over the years celebrated mediocrity in all levels of our society. If nothing at all, this pandemic has shown us that, we are better off to build our continent with our resources as even the most powerful and politically wealthiest population can’t fly for superior medicare as the whole globe is on lockdown, flights are grounded and we all will taste the sweetness of our output we have forced on our citizens for years without any empathy or feelings for their wellbeing.

It is interesting to note how a city nation Singapore could master vision and imagination without any natural resources to become first world nation within a five decades whiles the entire African countries with some gifted with half of the world natural wealth could just decide to unleash hardship, economic ineptitude,quality social services and state of the art infrastructure so we all can enjoy it, yet travel to nations that used their endowments to develop a world class infrastructure for their people.

Take for example Dubai and their achievement. For this let me quote some excerpts of “My Vision” by Ruler of Dubai-Sheik Mohammed Rashid Al Bin Maktoum

“Just like mature trees,capabilities and feelings have deep roots. If we don’t know the roots of things,or how to explain or define them,this doesn’t mean they are rootless.An enlightened leader is capable of developing a vision & using his imagination to perfect it. It is like planting a tree & ensuring the branches grow upwards while the roots dig deep into the soil. My father acquired leadership skills and the power of vision from my grandfather who, in turn, inherited his skills from his father. Such roots run very deep indeed.I’m after all, the son of Arab tribe,& tribal people are schooled and groomed in wisdom and acute awareness of future possibilities more by their parents than by schools. Many great leaders never went to school,but gained their knowledge from the ‘university of life’ and by carefully observing everything that went on around them. Their teachers were the members of their tribes.This,of course,is why these leaders followed in the footsteps of their parents and why their education drew from their environment.All the successive leaders of Dubai enjoyed a clear and common vision of the emirates future. My father foresightedness was,however,ahead of its time simply because he was ahead of his time”. I hope this COVID19 will make us begin to pay attention, observe and be deeper in everything we want to do.This is our society nobody will develop it for us unless decide to have an abundance mindset and readjust our leadership mentality of suppression to empowerment of our own people.

Again citing Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum- “We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development” “The job of government is to achieve happiness for people”

I feel like we don’t have any educated political leaders with consciousness at least, I’m in my mid 30s, I am yet to see any of our 56 nations in Africa committed to the above pragmatism we know happened under 4 decades in UAE especially in Dubai. Yes, Paul Kagame standout, but we have to see his succession plan and transcend beyond his tenure or we adopt a new model of governance by using Rwanda as a pilot for President Paul Kagame to lead the country for another 20 years if he can.

Flip side of this pandemic and how Africa as a continent is exposed to lack of tact and commitment to social good by citizens and the leadership in general.

There is a cohesive lockdown across the globe and most part of Africa are also in lockdown.

They want Africans to self isolate without lights, running water, food, savings due to lack of quality jobs, so millions die from starvation.

China and Asia had their solution, Europe had its own solution, North America had their own solutions, The Middle East have their own and the many parts of South America have theirs too… What is the African solution?

African leaders have seen western countries print their own money to solve their problems…

They, the African leaders are waiting to be told what to do and waiting for the IMF and World (Breton Wood Institution)…

I shared the video with few friends about a young lady who so helpless in her room for lack of light, water, good internet connections,and colleagues of mine, rather I received a very lame and disturbing feedback. ‘Such as she’s selling her market’ from well exposed gentleman who have traveled far and wide and seen state of art infrastructure in different places where they don’t have the kind of wealth Nigeria has. Yet this gentleman accepts that it is just okay to endure the negligence of leadership to fix these basic things. This makes one to conclude that the test of quality leadership is directly proportional to the level of gullibility of the Citizens or the deeper sophisticated the people are, the higher the quality of leadership. It is therefore no surprising that, Africa remains underdeveloped several decades after independence despite having over 60% of the natural wealth of the world. We have just become so gullible and educated stooge who only worship book certificate without condor or conscience about the environment they occupy yet find it expedient to buy homes and asset in most sophisticated countries as a safe haven. I’m actually and to be brutal, we lacked common sense and have no clue of how the world works. If we do, I wonder why, we travel to places like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia etc all poor countries in the sixties, but today seen it become a developed nations sees all what they have done and noting pricks the heart of these most educated elites to just copy and replicate it here, is something unimaginable and incomprehensible.

My conclusion, yes coronavirus whether laboratory induced, deep state orchestrated pandemic or natural occurrence, shall pass and will become part of our history just as the Spanish flu of 1918. The pinpoints for me, is the lessons and the opportunity it presents to the world especially the African continent as a whole.

  1. We have to appreciate that, the weakness of one nation can’t never be left unconcerned by the powerful nations; as Covid19 didn’t respect most sophisticated nations as well as the most vulnerable ones. The earlier, we respect humanity as humans and begin to adopt a global all inclusive society, the better for all. There is too much of supremacy battle and at the end the very people we seek to prove a point to are all exposed to our decisions made on their behalf.
  2. The pandemic has brought the entire world under,airlines are grounded,most will collapse and will never come back to operations- millions will lose their jobs,new hopelessness is created,new companies will be born, there will be a new order,there shall be another rise of new innovation and ultimately business moves on as usual like we saw after September 11,2008,2019 fierce USA-China trade war.
  3. Korean TV show on Netflix 2018-“My Secret, Terrius”S1:E10,52nd-55th minutes.A cast on CoronaVirus. Could it be just mere coincidence? What of Don Weinland article of 14th March,2020- “China goes on offensive to control global coronavirus narrative”?
  4. Connect the dots,understand how the deep states have used panic reactions to subjugate the masses for centuries.This can’t be just another act of nature,astrological or theological myths.Do your own self checks,lack of timely knowledge has caused this continent (Africa) greatly.We have played a lot. Nobody will develop Africa,see how badly this has exposed evil governance in Africa?
  5. I guess,those who decide who get what in high places will finally come to terms to ensure proper infrastructure is fix so we can all enjoy our society. At least they can’t run away for now,since their usual London,Paris, Switzerland, New York,California,Dubai, Singapore,Dublin,Toronto,Tokyo,Vienna etc are all under ‘lock and key’. There is a say in my native ‘Twi’ that goes “If you cut your tongue 👅 and eat, remember you ate no meat” This is our society, good or bad we are all inside.
  6. I have the believe, Africans especially the most active population are waking up to take up personal responsibility to visualize and imagine the brighter side of life.
  7. We have for years accepted the stories been told us by others, it is said that,the story you accept becomes your reality,we have a renewed optimism that is born by reeling on our collective UBUNTU spirit to write our own stories,tell it out loudly ourselves and curve a new reality for ourselves and change the narrative for ourselves and for the generations behind us.This was the dream of the founding fathers of African Union,we will get it realized in our time,the world order is forever changed and this is Africa’s time.
  8. Social Distance is amazing practice-this has the potential to reduce greenhouse effects of all forms and make the environment green. Maybe policy makers can leverage on this mid-shift arrangement to prepare a long lasting solution on how we can implement periodical social distancing to make the environment recover its lost glory. But economic unit cost for companies potentially will reduce as Opex cost apart from salaries will drastically reduce. All this per-diem for travels of all kind gone.Ministers of all kind will learn to use virtual meeting room,no coffee,tea,lunch cost on the national budget, everyone eats from their pot. We sympathize with the lost ones,there is always good or bad for everything in our journey on planet earth. The good thing is,this can change a lot for good and citizens must demand for radical reforms across the spectrum.

Finally, quoting the UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn- “ We must learn the lessons from the crisis and ensure that our society is defined as a society by solidarity and compassion,rather than insecurity,fear and inequality” link: YoBit.Net

The world we live today need more empathy,compassion and kindness which comes from pure love of abundance.If we love purely,we see collaboration rather than competition,global citizens with common vulnerability rather than nationalist views.

At least the COVID-19 has proven that we all have one common enemy Virus,it kills the mighty as well as the most common man with no title on the street.



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